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We raise the bar

Engineering Rolling Mills Since 1969

The technical department, equipped with latest softwares for design and rolling process development, managed by experienced engineers, design machines and full plants according to the customer requirements, delivering tailor-made hot rolling mill solutions.
Roll pass design department and process engineers fully support the design engineers to improve the machines and mill’s performances, through continuous know-how transfer.
Decades of NCO’s expertise in the field of hot rolling of long steel products are critical to the success of this phase, and combining it with a close focus on latest technology innovation and industry’s achievements, allow us to be the reliable partner to develop the rolling process best suited to the specific needs.

According to the engineering of the process, technical offices take care of the detail mechanical engineering as well, without the need to outsource any service related to the project of the rolling mill. This ultimately turns into the capacity to quickly respond to the customer demands and to effectively control the development of the project.
The mechanical engineering goes along with the automation engineering, which is carried on in-house by a dedicated team, so to have one unique interface for any sensitive technical issue.
Close contact with the customer and a deep understanding of his needs are key to design a hot rolling mill that will give full satisfaction.