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Upgrading of hot rolling mills

Upgrading of hot rolling mills for long steel products

This added-value service is based on a sound, ad-hoc engineering evaluation of the initial conditions of the plant, the careful planning of the goals to be achieved, and the capacity of execution that only a 360° manufacturer can grant.

We cover the entire range of services, such as process engineering, roll-pass design, mechanical engineering, electric and automation systems engineering. This allows for impressive improvements in terms of plant performances, efficiency, and reduced running costs.

Our huge engineering expertise determines the difference between failure and success of such a process, since no critical aspect can be forgotten, and the great satisfaction of our customers around the globe stands for the excellent results and performances we can deliver.

In this field, we can provide the following services:

  • Revamping of complete rolling mills
  • Upgrading of rolling mill capacity
  • Safety modernisation of hot rolling mills
  • Automation, control software and electric modernisation of hot rolling mills
  • Revamping-overhauling of single machines and stand-by equipment such as hot rolling stands for long products, gearboxes, flying shears, loopers, cooling beds, pull systems, binding, winding and packaging systems, etc.
  • Application of solutions for environment protection